With your support, we are able to continue providing our services to help youth experiencing homelessness in Northern New Mexico.

What We Do

At Youth Shelters & Family Services, our staff brings deep experience in his or her expertise and a strong passion for our mission.


Deliver life-changing shelter and support for homeless, runaway and in-crisis youth


End youth homelessness in Northern New Mexico


Our objective is for youth at risk of negative life outcomes to achieve safety and stability

How You Can Support Us 

Staff members continue to help make a difference in the lives of homeless youth

Youth and young adults have been helped since 1980

Together we are reaching out to help Northern New Mexico’s homeless youth find a way home.

Success Stories

“When "Elizabeth" entered the STAR+ program she was living in a shack that had no running water or electricity. She had no relationship with her family and was struggling with her mental health. She was in the program for 1 year and 1 month. During that time, she was able to reconcile with her family and successfully exited the program after working on her mental health. Now, she is more independent and has a stronger support network that will allow her to continue achieving her own goals."

– STAR Rapid Rehousing Program

“We had a young woman who was getting out of an abusive family situation. She lived at TLP for three months during which she was able to become a manager at her job and find a roommate to live with. Usually, clients need much more time to get on their feet but because of her determination and self sufficiency, she was able to find her footing quickly."

– Transitional Living Program

“"Nathaniel" was unable to safely live with his family any longer so he reached out to his pastor who connected him to our Street Outreach Program. Eager to improve his situation, he asked our staff for help applying for jobs. He applied for our Transitional Living Program and even attended life skills groups there while waiting for a spot to open up. He moved into TLP a few weeks later, but not before requesting advice from our Outreach staff about budgeting and presenting us with homemade artwork to decorate our drop-in center walls as a thank you gift for our help!"

– Street Outreach Program


If this is an emergency, dial 911

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